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    Hot Products

    • Suspension Bushing:46911-65J00


    • Suspension Bushing:46371-65J00


    • Suspension Bushing:41651-26070


    • Suspension Bushing:MR491911


    • Suspension Bushing:MB339157


    • Suspension Bushing:90389-T0001


    • Suspension Bushing:46110-65J00-B


    • Suspension Bushing:46110-65J00


    • Suspension Bushing:4120A002


    • Suspension Bushing:48061-25020


    About Us

    Zhijie auto parts Co,.Ltd is a private enterprise, which is a manufacturer specialized in auto parts, Engineering machinery, Rubber parts. Now we have over 300 employees , including 13 Assistant Engineer technicists and two of them are senior engineers. They are distributed in development and quality controlled technical management positions. Meanwhile, our company has numbers of staffs, who has accumulated rich production experience. The cooperation of all the staffs , make our products remain stable quality and production, make effective operation of company management and after-sales service at the same time.  Before 1995, the products were sold to many countries such as Britain, USA, Canada and Western Europe, etc. After 1996, producing the auto rubber parts becomes the leading product. Our company has more than 5000 kinds of products and gets mature marketing network domestically. Since 2000 ,rubber products have exported to many countries such as Russia , Africa , Southeast Asia, the Middle East etc. With business development, in 2004,our company has newly built over 30000 square meters garden style factory. More